• What is Lite-Steer?

    Lite-Steer is a retro-fit, electronic, speed-sensitive, power-assisted steering system; engineered and made in the UK. Our systems have been developed over many years to improve driving experience, whilst retaining the integrity of the vehicle.

    Lite-Steer technology is currently predominantly used in VW campervans, however, due to increasing demand, we are gradually developing our products for many classic cars.

  • Fitting Lite-Steer

    Lite-Steer is simple enough to fit for most enthusiasts with some basic mechanical knowledge. The unit is supplied fully assembled, you just bolt the unit in and follow the wiring instructions. No welding or floor work is required. Full fitting instructions and wiring diagrams are included with every unit.

    If you are not mechanically minded or simply don’t have the time, we are able to recommend experienced Lite-Steer fitting centres all over the UK.