• This kit is for correcting the excessive brake travel on Right Hand Drive converted VW Brazilian Kombi’s. The converted vans have the incorrect Pedal length to master cylinder pushrod ratio. The original has a ratio of 4:1 whereas the RHD version is 9:1. This corrector reinstates the original ratio set by VW Brazil.

    The pictures show the pedal cross shaft before fitting, after fitting and more importantly the brake pedal position before and after. The kit comes with the plate, the stainless steel mounting bolt with 2 washers and a nylock nut and a new nylock nut for the original clevis bolt, and a step by step guide to fitting.

    There is also a thread showing a customer’s van that he fitted himself on www.brazilianvwbay.com

    The kit comes with a stainless steel plate, mounting bolt, M10 and M12 nuts and washers.

    The cost is £25.00 + VAT + postage.

    Brake pedal travel before fitting


    Brake mechanism before fitting


    IMG_0074sBrake corrector fitted


    IMG_0081sBrake pedal travel after fitting


    Corrector kit