“Many thanks for all the work you have done the camper nows goes, stops and steers around corners, we will certainly be in contact as and when we think of anything else and would certainly recommend you to others.”

David and Helen Charlesworth, Early Bay owner


“The van is running great, I am very happy and it has helped me greatly , as I was worried with a recent back injury, that I would not be able to drive it anymore.”

T4 owner


“Thank you so much!! What a difference driving home was, even though it poured most of the way home I had a big smile on my face going round the roundabouts! I noticed also that the brakes were so much better too.”

Tracey, Brazilian Bay owner


“Just got back and still in shock as to the difference the power steering makes. Parking is no longer a chore and the overall driving experience is so much more relaxing. Thanks very much for your speedy and efficient service and resolving the issue with the speedometer. My only concern is the reduction in steering effort means I will have to join a gym to keep fit!”

Arthur, Bentley owner


“Wedgie was a different van after leaving you. The return journey was a million miles away from the nightmare one we had coming to you. In contrast to the yelling and cursing that filled the van on the way down, as we cruised along, the hounds and I were subjected to a cheery rendition from the driver, of… ‘I like trucking’! Still wasn’t a great experience if I’m totally honest (sounded a bit like a mixture of a fog horn and a cat fight, but don’t tell him I said that), but soooo much better than what we were subjected to a few hours before! 🙂

As for the steering, it is lighter than my Renault! So glad we brought her to you to have it done, I know I couldn’t have driven her without it. Absolutely brilliant, thank you both again, very much.”

Diane, T25 owner


“Very impressed with the steering now! It drives like a modern vehicle. Not too light either. Just right. It made turning into my driveway a breeze rather than what it used to be!”

Early Bay owner