• At the heart of our company lies creativity, development, design and invention.

    The first Lite-Steer prototype was developed back in 2007.  We worked tirelessly to develop and refine the product and in October 2010 the first Lite-Steer conversion was fitted to a VW bus.

    The idea of the power steering came to us by chance. We previously owned a VW garage, and an increasing number of our customers were Campervan owners. They all had one major complaint about driving their vans, and that was the heaviness of the steering at low speeds.

    Never missing an opportunity to accept a challenge, the first prototype was fabricated in 2007. Once the concept was proven, many hours were spent in developing the product and the first commercial unit was sold in October 2010.



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    Hundreds of Lite-Steer units have now been sold, mainly in the UK but with a growing number of customers abroad.

    We are always looking for new ways of developing our product and looking for new solutions to existing problems.